HeadBangers LifeStyle (HBLS) is an online global platform focussing on (rock and metal) music and the fashion and lifestyle that belong to that, using a website together with social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Based in the Netherlands we have contributors from all over the world, Amsterdam - New York - London - Melbourne - and more, who are keeping an eye on hypes and trends in music, fashion and lifestyle. Besides reviews, columns and written articles our main focus are filmed interviews. We distinguish ourselves from other sites by looking for original perspectives. We are informative, interesting and entertaining. We are working together with record labels, promoters, venues, management companies and, most important, the artists directly. The list of bands, artists, tattoo artists, stylists, make up artists etc. we worked with so far is growing fast. The people behind the platform are experienced musicians, journalists, record company employees and above all music lovers.

HBLS is:

Editors-in-chief and owners:
Liselotte `Lilo’ Hegt (The Netherlands)
Ron Willemsen (The Netherlands)

Michel van de Moosdijk (Australia)
Johanne James (U.K.)
Pat Wydler (Switzerland)
Ronald den Dekker (The Netherlands)
Bianca de Ruiter (B&M Crew; The Netherlands)
Marinda Oostema (B&M Crew; The Netherlands)
Jitske van der Lubbe (The Netherlands)
Lars Chriss (Sweden)
Merit Bertilsson (Sweden)
Jill Hughes Kirtland (U.S.A.)
Jim Wilkinson (U.S.A.)
Femke Fatale (Belgium)
Belinda Janssen (The Netherlands)
Eus Straver (The Netherlands)
Ruud Jolie (The Netherlands)
Thomas Youngblood (U.S.A.)
Barend Courbois (The Netherlands)
Pontus Egberg (Sweden)
Chris Taylor - Kickin’ Valentina (U.S.A.)
Jasja den Heijer (The Netherlands)
Kristoffer Gildenlöw (The Netherlands)
Edwin van Hoof (The Netherlands) 
Dirk van den Heuvel (The Netherlands)
Conny van den Heuvel (The Netherlands)
Frans van Arkel (The Netherlands)
Denis Schoen (The Netherlands)
Rob van Dalen (The Netherlands)
Joan K. Matlock (New Mexico)
Martien Koolen (The Netherlands)
Eddy Meuwese (The Netherlands)
Jake Shuker (Syrië)
Armand Vanderstigchel (U.S.A.)
Hans van Peppen (The Netherlands) 
Stan Novak (The Netherlands) 
Raymond Helebrand (The Netherlands) 

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