STAN BUSH-Change The World

LA Records

26 September 2017 by Michel van de Moosdijk

The name Stan Bush is well known in the AOR world. He started out in the late seventies with the band Boulder (one LP) before coming up with his own outfit Stan Bush And Barrage with whom he released two albums. One of their songs ,,Love Don’t Lie’’ was later recorded by House Of Lords and became a modest hit. After disbanding Barrage Stan Bush went on under his own name recording a whole bunch of AOR albums and saw some of his tracks being used for films. ,,The Touch’’ and ,,Dare’’ were used for ‘Transformers’ while ,,Never Surrender’’ got a position in the movie ‘Kickboxer’ featuring the muscles from Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme. His music was noticed in those days. The last couple of years things became a bit quiet around Stan Bush but now he is back with a typical AOR album proving that most of his early magic is still there. Bush started working some years ago with the German born, both now for years in America residing, guitarist Holger Fath who has produced, engineered and mixed this album as well as playing bass, keyboards and guitar. To be honest ‘Change The World’ may be a new record for Stan Bush and presented as such to the consumers, but he has re-recorded the already mentioned tracks ,,Warrior’’, ,,Dare’’ , ,,Never Surrender’’ and ‘’The Touch’’ (another latest version) so is it fair to say that Bush is leaning on old success hoping that the same trick will work once more? Judge for yourself. I find it a bit cheap to present ‘Change The World’ as a new record while there are a bunch of songs on there that have been revamped. Nevertheless, if you are into good and smooth AOR/melodic rock nobody can deny that Stan Bush is still a master at his art. His voice still sounds great and the songs are easy on the ears, well produced and played. Nothing wrong with the musical content of this CD but a few more new tracks would have been welcome.

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