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02 October 2018 by Martien Koolen

I still cherish Voivod’s debut album ‘War And Pain’, released way back in 1984! It is almost hard to believe that these Canadian thrash metal rockers now release their 14th album. Being around for 36 years Voivod nowadays consists of original drummer Michel “Away” Langevin, guitar picker Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain, bass player Dominique “Rocky” Laroche [who makes his debut on ‘The Wake’] and singer Denis “Snake” Belanger. ‘The Wake’ is a progressive metal concept album, featuring even thrash, speed, industrial and nuclear metal influences. Kicking off with the amazing ,,Obsolete Beings’’ [filled with swirling metal melodies and aggressive riffs], ‘The Wake’ grabs you by the balls right from the start. Follow up songs ,,The End Of Dormancy’’ and ,,Orb Confusion’’ feature all musical highlights of this amazing band, being: very catchy hooks, thundering bass hooks and lines and monstrous drumming. Denis “Snake” Belanger’s vocals shine on this album as never before but it is his storytelling that leaves you breathless. ‘The Wake’ is also a very complex album, which you will have to listen to a couple of times to really appreciate, as the musical structures are rather complex and the music is sometimes bombastic and demanding added with the use of strings and classical guitars. ‘The Wake’ is a metal master piece, an album you should cherish and if you are still not convinced that Voivod’s new album is their best ever, you should listen to the last epic track of this album called ,,Sonic Mycellum”, a super song that features sections from all the seven previous tracks thrown together into a breath taking magical finale; excellent ‘The Wake’ is a striking album, a must have for metal fans, so buy or die!!!

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