PHANTASMA-The Deviant Hearts

Napalm Records

01 December 2015 by Jill Hughes Kirtland

Serenity’s Georg Neuhauser and Delain’s Charlotte Wessels come together in the new concept album ‘The Deviant Hearts’ as the project Phantasma. The storyline based on Charlotte’s novella prepares you for a bombastic musical-like tapestry of tender songs like ,,Incomplete’’, fist-pumping metal anthems like the title track ,,The Deviant Hearts’’ which includes guest vocalist Tom Englund (Evergrey), and heart-racing tunes like ,,Novaturient’’. The track ,,Runaway Gray” reminds a lot of a Broadway musical song and brings me back to my days of dancing and singing on stage. This album will not sit well with those who do not enjoy sappy melodies or are bored by symphonic metal. The vibrant energy-driven orchestral music is by composer/producer Oliver Philipps (Everon). Hollywood and Broadway ought to pay attention to this guy for their next soundtracks. It is of no surprise that you may feel at times that you are listening to a Serenity or Delain album given the players on this album (also includes Tom Buchberger, formerly of Serenity, on guitar), but this album gives Charlotte and Georg an opportunity to really shine vocally and they did not disappoint. They arouse so much emotion and passion. As a whole this album is a very well-produced collaboration. I look forward to more from them.

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