22 January 2016 by Pat Wydler

Lets start with the obvious. Whenever Dave Mustaine releases a new album, there has to be the old feud between Metallica and Megadeth. Well, no matter if the members in the band, or in the Mustaine-Show, are changing, he is able to make a point. Right now, in a direct cage fight of Megadeth songs vs Metallica songs, Dave will win with a straight knock out. Sorry guys, I love Metallica, but the recent songs are just not good. Period. So back to Megadeth and the brand new album `Dystopia’. It is Mustaine at his best. Of course, there will never be a second `Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying’ or `Countdown To Extinction’ but `Dystopia’ is close, very close to the heydays of a band that everyone always thought they have to laugh about. Fuck that, listen to it and pay some respect. It is not about the person Dave Mustaine, it is about the fact that Megadeth are in a position to release an album with amazing metal songs, songs that make sense. Sorry again Metallicats, 20 riffs connected to each other is not what I call a song. Megadeth wins.

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