Pride & Joy Music

03 June 2020 by Michel van de Moosdijk

On their third album Swedish/Finnish outfit Sapphire Eyes continue their melodic AOR-tinted musical journey in a convincing way. Although the band around keyboardist Niclas Olsson (Alyson Avenue) has not changed their approach it must be said that ‘Magic Moments’ does have enough magic to conquer a few AOR loving souls. Especially the pleasant sounding vocalist Kimmo Blom (Urban Tale, he is the Finnish connection in this band) impresses as do both guitarists Emil Knabe (Acacia) and Patrik Svard (Cloudscape). Together these guys create quite a big but also very accessible sound. Their songs might not be super adventurous perhaps but they do have enough stamina and class to satisfy a fan of the AOR genre. Especially ,,Just Leave Me’’ and ,,Still Alive’’ are typical AOR songs, a bit on the predictable side perhaps but expeditiously executed, full of melody and above all sounding crystal clear. Certainly a record that can compete with what the Frontiers label lets loose on us on a monthly bases.

#sapphireeyes #hbls #headbangerslifestyle #awayoflife

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