STRIKER-Stand In The Fire


14 February 2016 by Liselotte `Lilo' Hegt

It is a fact: Over the years Canada has taken an important position on the map of (prog) rock and heavy metal and well-known Canadian acts such as Rush, Annihilator, Exciter, Anvil, Voivod, Triumph, Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend, The Tea Party and even Nickelback (just to name a few) have definitely put their own stamp on the history of loud music. Also Striker hails from Canada, being part of the New Wave Of Heavy Metal and just released its brand new third studio-album `Stand In The Fire’. This time Striker took matters in it’s own hand and recorded the album at home, with some help of drummer Randy Black (Annihilator, Primal Fear) and getting the mix done by Frederik Nordstrom (Bring me The Horizon, In Flames, Opeth). They always say a third album is crucial but to be honest I don’t think these guys have to worry about it. Simply because `Stand In The Fire’ is filled with cool, convincing metal songs which are sounding energetic, alive, divers, powerful and melodic as well. Striker combines good melodies and harmonies with a pure metal force (strongly inspired by eighties heavy metal, thrash metal and with a bit of hair metal) and manage to display memorable choruses and flaming hooks on guitar. Take for example second track ,,Out For Blood’’, my instant favourite, that has a killer melodic chorus, which makes the song a perfect candidate as (radio/video) single. And when you think it can’t get any better, out of nowhere pops up a melody on the saxophone, fitting perfect with the guitar part and making this song special. Another very strong track is ,,Too Late’’ that has an even more catchy chorus but with enough energy to climb a mountain. Another highlight is the instrumental guitar song ,,Escape From Shred City’’. Striker is definitely fired up and most of the songs are built on rapid thrash-like rhythms supplied with fast and furious yet melodic guitar riffs and fiery guitar solos and licks. It all matches very well with the good, high ranged power vocals of enthusiastic sounding frontman Dan Cleary, also proving himself in the semi-ballad and last song of the album ,,One Life’’. `Stand In The Fire’ makes Striker a good ambassador for Canadian’s new generation of heavy metal bands.


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