ROBYN FERGUSON-Harbinger Satellite EP


18 August 2020 by Edwin van Hoof

Following her recent release of the acclaimed `Falling Forward’ CD in May of this year, Robyn Ferguson picks up her creative streak with the release of this 2-song EP `Harbinger Satellite’

Though it is only 2 new songs following the impact of the full length `Falling Forward’ album, Ferguson again manages to tap the emotional vein in an intricate manner. Especially the opening track ,,Premonitions” is a song that could easily fit the previous album. Starting off with an atmospherically opening the song slowly builds tension and ominous power. The riffs are dense and the soling of Robyn is spotlighted perfectly. Her piercing and melodic style is extraordinary fitting the ominous tension casted. Much like Vai does, Ferguson injects her playing with technical precision and impeccable melodies that easily nest. Her style also reminds me of DiMeola’s typical sweeping melodic style. But it is the underlying power that strikes. Though progressing at low velocity, the riffs pack tremendous power trading off against the clinic drum computer.
,,Apparitions” is an ethereal piece with lingering melody and silently humming guitar strokes opening towards a warm melody. The music oozes comfort as well as it empowers the story Robyn likes to tell with her songs. `Harbinger Satellite’ refers to the decision making of humans and the ideas sheared off to another parallel universe or dimension. The Siamese complexity of cause and effect casting a shadow over everyone’s being questioning one’s faith and believe in eternity or life beyond.

With the tracks composed and recorded during the Covid19 solitude, the songs whelm with questions and breathe the insecurity of a person. The “what if…” of mankind. Though nothing as compelling as the groundbreaking `Falling Forward’ the concept of the Harbinger session is perfectly interlaced with the ethereal atmosphere the songs breathe. It all oozes a serenity with an unpredictable discomfort in its sub notes. It is exactly that unpredictable struggle captured which makes these two tracks so interesting.

`Harbinger' is available on all major streaming platforms.

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