17 May 2016 by Pat Wydler

Not only is New Zealand very far away from good old Europe, there also seems to be a very long delay in exporting good music into the old world. 'We Rise’ by the amazing Devilskin has been released in their homeland in 2014 already. Awarded with a platinum record on the other side of the planet, it was about time to send this epic masterpiece over. Would Europe be ready for Devilskin? Hell yes it would. Bombshell Jennie Skulander and her boys gave a brief demonstration of their unleashed power on their recent trip through Europe. A sound mix so energetic and fresh with a one of a kind vocalist with a voice very unique should not be unheard. The seed has been planted and the monster is about to grow. While already working on a follow up album, we are pleased to digest the rise of a band that’s here to stay. Despite the fact I’m against picking singles, I have to admit I specially fell in love with the song „Fade“, a semi-balad that is so touching and filled with an incredible chorus hookline that will melt into your brain immediately. So right now I’m touching wood and wish that Devilskin will enter a plane again soon to rock the shit out of Europe with this album full of killers and no fillers.

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