Motörhead Music/UDR

04 August 2016 by Pat Wydler

Before Lemmy died, he made one thing clear: his music label Motörhead Music needed some hot blonde fronted band to sign and release their album `Desperate’. Unfortunately, Lemmy is not here anymore to experience the release date of this dirty piece of music, but if he could, he would be proud of it. The five-piece band, with six boobs, actually only three dolls rockin‘ here, are delivering a mix of punk and rock with the spirit of the good old CBGB punk era. Front doll Isis Queen even looks like Debbie Harry in her prime. The music itself never sounds old fashioned but rather ready to crash every party right now to make the crowds dance all night long. Cool, hot and ready to rock... Ladies and gentlemen: the Barb Wire Dolls.

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