Napalm Records

09 November 2016 by Pat Wydler

First of all I have to admit: I was never a Hammerfall fan. I don’t know how to describe it, but this kind of metal is just simply not my cup of tea. This being said, you can start nodding your heads and say: ``Why is this douchebag even review the brand new album of our favourite band?’’ Well, you might want to keep on reading. As I was totally honest from the beginning of this review, I’ll keep on being honest with you all. `Build To Last’, the brand new record of Hammerfall opens the door to a totally new world to me. Yes, dear readers, I like it, I think it is an amazing piece of music. I will not change my mind regarding what I said in the beginning, don’t think I’ll become a Hammerfall fan after all, but if a guy, like me says their new album is great, you can imagine how you, as a real fan will worship it. It is really hard to compare `Built To Last’ to the legacy of Hammerfall as you know, I never cared about this band. But no matter how the past looked like, the present and future looks quite bright, as the Swedes present ten classics that sound extremely modern traditional heavy metal.

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