DEE SNIDER-We Are The Ones

EAR Music

11 November 2016 by Pat Wydler

The `Twisted Sister’ is back, unmasked and real. Dee Snider’s solo release `We Are The Ones’ does not come with any old fashion or spider webs. The ten songs are amazing rock tunes for everyone. And how cool is it to cover yourself as he couldn’t do it without an iconic piano version of the Twisted Sister classic ,,We’re Not Gonna Take It’’. I’m just imagining how cool this would be to hear in a piano bar, everyone shouting together with mister Snider. Another surprise is the second cover song, Nine Inch Nails track ,,Head Like A Hole’’. On a first thought a very odd choice but in the context of the whole album a perfect fit. Sound wise everyone will find something. From slow to fast, from silent to loud and all in the middle, Dee Snider’s unique voice. If this is life after Twisted Sister, I can live with it. Never saw them live but at least, the main man is still active, providing great tunes to the world. And who knows, every farewell can always lead to a reunion.

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