Escape Music

27 December 2016 by Michel van de Moosdijk

Singer Steve Overland is best known for his efforts with FM and Shadowman. ‘Contagious’ is the fourth CD under his own name. On this one he has composed all songs together with Swedish rock master Tommy Denander (Rainmaker/Radioactive) who also contributes the guitar and (most of the) keyboard parts. On bass we have virtuoso Tony Franklin (Blue Murder) while Lars Chriss plays drums and is the one who has been turning on the production knobs together with label owner Khalil Turk. The cover design of ‘Contagious’ has been created by Eric Philippe and is as usual when it comes from his hand a masterpiece. The combination of the above mentioned musicians works out quite well. ‘Contagious’ provides us with twelve smooth AOR and melodic rock tracks where the rich voice of Overland is the main attraction. But if you are familiar with Tommy Denander’s work with Radioactive, you can just hear the typical guitar style that this man has developed through the years being spread on and over this CD. It fits well with Overland’s vocal style and with a smooth but firm production this album just delivers a constant quality with tracks like ,,Easy On Me’’, ,,Intoxicated’’, ,,Wildest Dreams’’, ,,Pocketful Of Dreams’’, ,,Edge Of The Universe’’ (slighty heavier) and ,,Making Miracles’’. For the fan of fine AOR and melodic rock ‘Contagious’ is a must hear record!

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