BATTLE BEAST-Bringer Of Pain

Nuclear Blast Records

27 January 2017 by Pat Wydler

The Finnish sensation is back. After the hit album `Unholy Savior’ in 2015, the power metal band Battle Beast, with their charismatic singer Noora Louhimo, remain on the high level they reached with their previous number 1 album. In a time where most bands try to look forward and invent new music, Battle Beast are doing the opposite and travel back in time. Pure 80s, traditional, classic heavy metal with every single cliché we love. At some stage it’s so cheesy, that it becomes amazingly perfect. When pop and metal collides, you can find Battle Beast. Every song is a hit, overfilled with hook lines and hook lines. `Bringer Of Pain’ contains classical topics just like ,,Bastard Son Of Odin’’, ,,Dancing With The Beast’’ or ,,Beyond The Burning Skies’’. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of power metal at all. But this is simply amazing. If you are an open minded person like I am and you have never heard of Battle Beast before, do yourself a favour and check them out. The band makes it really easy for you: either you will fall in love or you simply switch off your player and will never listen to it again.

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