Century Media Records

30 January 2017 by Michel van de Moosdijk

The Swedish formation Horisont makes their debut for Century Media with their fifth release ‘About Time’. The group is active for ten years now and I had no idea they even existed! I am that impressed with their performance and musical style on this one that I immediately ordered the rest of their catalogue via Amazon. The music of these five dudes is clearly inspired by seventies groups, but is so versatile that you could describe it as a mix between Jethro Tull and Alpha Centauri with the melody of Thin Lizzy, the weirdness of T-Rex and from time to time the pure power of a band like Judas Priest. Very seventies indeed. It is like listening to an analogue recording, that is the feeling you get when songs like ,,Electrical’’, ,,The Hive’’, ,,Without Warning’’ or ,,About Time’’ make an impression on your ear drums. This is a colourful, intense record full of psychedelic and progressive influences, hard rocking rhythms and a singer (Axel Soderberg) who sometimes sounds like he has been sucking on a helium gas bottle too long. It gives the music of Horisont a lot of extra flavour, although I can imagine that not everyone will appreciate his style. But that the band is very different from other retro rock bands becomes extra clear when the song ,,Letare’’ strolls along. Sung in their native language yet again Horisont provides a different twist in their music. If you are intro psychedelic retro rock my suggestion to you is to find out if ‘About Time’ tickles you fancy. It sure as hell tickled mine!

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