ENBOUND-The Blackened Heart

Inner Wound Recordings

04 February 2017 by Michel van de Moosdijk

It has taken the Swedish formation Enbound about five years to come forward with a successor for their first CD ‘And She Says Gold’. That could have something to do with the fact that singer Lee Hunter under his real name Lars Säfsund is also very active with the groups Work Of Art and Lionville. Anyway, whatever the reasons ‘The Blackened Heart’ is here and we as fans of progressive melodic hard rock should be happy with that. Although the CD clocks just under 40 minutes, I must say that every second of the record is quite entertaining. That is mostly because of Lee Hunter’s excellent singing but also drummer/producer and main songwriter Mike Cameron Force deserves a feather in his cap for his very versatile, atmospheric melodic metal songs that combine brute force with beautiful melodies, excellent guitar riffs and some really cool arrangements. The songs have a shitload of variation in them and the band reaches its full potential in songs like ,,Crossroad’’, ,,Twelve’’ and ,,They Really Don’t Know’’ which has some beautiful bits that allow you to just dream away in wonderland. Enbound sounds impressive on ‘The Blackened Heart’ and shows the potential to go far in progressive metal land. Furthermore the group tries to sound a bit different as well and has given full attention to sound and inventiveness when it comes down to structuring a song. Hope you dig it!

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