Dis Vicious Music

17 March 2017 by Pat Wydler

Tommy Henriksen is probably one of the most underrated musicians, songwriters and performers of the common music world. But whoever knows who Tommy Henriksen is, will realize that there isn’t probably another artist in the business who transfers such a huge talent. Guitarist on the side of Alice Cooper in the Alice Cooper band and also the Hollywood Vampires along with uncountable album productions with a variety of world class artists. After touring the world with Alice it is now time to step aside and focus on his own career. 'Star Struck’ is the highly awaited new album by Tommy. It combines his punk attitude with an amazing sense of pop melodies. Once you hear the songs for the first time, you want to dance to them. Track number five, ,,Hallo From Switzerland‘‘  is a perfect tribute to Henriksen‘s new homeland. It doesn’t matter if you are an Alice Cooper fan or not, Tommy Henriksen has an unlimited musical heart and combines all kind of styles and musical tastes on this brand new record. Let‘s put it this way, it is probably the most diverse punk rock album of the century. Go give this man your support and buy the new Tommy Henriksen album right now.

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