Deaf Autumn

Deaf Autumn

Alternative Rock and Metal

Deaf Autumn is a band founded in Italy during fall 2013. Three old friends and musicians gathered to a power trio of post-hardcore music with a lot of rock, nu metal and punk influences. In the beginning the band was established by the two singers Davide Ricci (guitars and vocals) and Davide Torti (bass and vocals, screams and growls) before Davide Ciccarelli (drums), a talented young drummer, joined the band. Deaf Autumn easily wrote six songs in just a few rehearsal sessions and two weeks later they already played shows in their hometown which made a lot of people curious about the new born project. In June 2014 the band entered the studio to start recording four songs. After that they went straight on to shoot a video for their first single „Get Inside Of Me“ which was launched in October 2014. Right now the videoclip has reached 10K views and is still collecting hundreds of views on Youtube. The band finally signed to a label,which let them shoot a second official video on the song "WOULD YOU?" and complete a full lenght album. The label is THIS IS CORE and debut album "WHAT WAS TO BE KNOWN" was released on June 23rd. (Red Music Distribution).
The band rentered the recording studio (Squaring the Circle studio,Arnara -FR- Italy) in 2017 and started burning a brand new album. In September 2017 there was a line up change,swapping the drummer from Daveide Ciccarelli to Antonio Paliotta and adding a new guitar player,Alessio Scala. The new line up is officially showed through a new song/video "A Thousand Broken Hearts" which announces the upcoming album. This Is Core label renewed trust in the band and sign again to release the second full work.
"THE SHAPE" is the title of the album and it has been released in January 12th on Spotify and all digital stores.
After a live tour promotion in their home country Italy,the band takes off to Russia for their very first international experience,making almost all sold out shows in 11 venues. The band got signed by Hero Booking Agency right after this.
The latest release is "Death Stranding" a brand new song and new video produced by FusixStudio (Turin) and Giorgio Gerardi videomaker,that the band got on every digital stores for the first time as indipendet band.

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