Heavy Metal

Texas 223 is from Lubbock, TX. and was formed in 2015 by founding members:
Brittan Church (Lead Vocals / Guitar) and Chad Russell (Lead Guitar, Vocals/Screams).

Their vision for Texas 223 was established once the two began writing and recording music in 2016. Drummer Benjamin Villalobos, and bassist Kilton Westbrook joined after that.

In 2017, Chad and Brittan teamed up with Grammy Award winning producer/engineer, Chuck Alkazian, to produce their self-titled debut record. Texas 223 is influenced by all things metal, which has lent itself to their heavy riffs, bringing a hard- hitting sonic force to their audience.

Brittan’s no bullshit approach to lyrics and singing combined with Chad’s epic guitar solos, shows how metal is done the Texas way!

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