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"SPITFISH is a game, a dark whim full of odd and bizarre elements . All this in frames of rock’n’roll. The band’s music follows rock legacy guiding lights, but the story and the concept leads you to the darker places. Absurd of an old horror movie turns into melodic rock songs here. Don’t be deceived, look beyond the surface, there is much more to it than meets the eye.
Even though only members of the band know the dark concept of Spitfish, it’s worth listening to their music."
“ Penny Dreadful “ blends a heavier 90s industrial tone with darker mysterious, horror elements, big guitar, huge riffs and traditional rock energy. In short, it is a great testament to the fact that sometimes, Europeans just do rock better than us North Americans.“ Highest Rated Album of the Week - BucketList Music Reviews, Canada
SPITFISH is hailing from Gdansk – polish coastal city of ships. The band was formed by vocalist (alias)Boris Karloff in 2016 at first as one man project, releasing selftitled five tracks EP the same year. Current line up of the the band includes, Boris Karloff on vocals and bass, (alias)Cyril Delevanti on guitar and (alias)A.J. on drums. The band’s tone is a blend of vintage rock sound with a punk attitude spiced with a pinch of thrill.

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