Brittan Church

Brittan Church

Hardrock (traditional)

Brittan Church is a Texas, Rock Musician. His Dream is to create music, give his gift to the world, and provide and escape for his listeners. Brittan Church's vocals have a warm rich style and are very distinctive as they are the main focus point in the texture and timbre, while the guitar adds another layer His writing style in subject matter and lyrics are very relatable and can be adaptive.

In 2015 Brittan Church Teamed up with Legendary Grammy Award Winning Producer "Chuck Alkazian" and Pearl Sound Studios to produce his EP- R.E.D. In 2017 they teamed up again to produce his EP - Breathe Into Me for a 2018 Release.

Brittan Church Teaming with Alkazian has brought Active Rock to a new era with songs like "Watch You Run Away", "S.O.B." and "Breathe Into Me".

Brittan Church is a two time Winner of Maxima Distorzion & MXD MAG Awards! Best Hard Rock Band in Texas 2018, and Best Southern Hard Rock Band 2019! This Lubbock Texas Native has tested the boundaries of rock in a new way and is sure to quench any thirst for good music!

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