Brothers of Alien Rock

Brothers of Alien Rock

Alternative Rock and Metal

Brothers of Alien Rock have crash landed and are presently being held captive at Area 51! Inside they are plotting an escape in order for the next show to be launched!

Aliens with the power of Rawwwk and a time machine! New album,comic & an upcoming movie ALIEN ROCK: The epic comedy saga of an Alien band of brothers up against the Universe.. for the salvation of Rock! Government agents, a team of hacker kids and the one rogue disgruntled Alien who got kicked out of the band - now plots his revenge! NO ROCK STAR IS SAFE, from ANY time in history!!!

These Aliens from Rocktronamos have slowed down time in the closest wormhole in order to finish tracking with Brett Hestla (Framing Hanley, Dark New Day, Tantric) and producer Christian Machado of famed NJ latin metal band "ill Nino" (Serosia/End of an Era). The new release titled "We Come From Outer Space" is now available throughout the Universe (4/20/17!) and features the single and mini short video epic "Fire and the Blood", the uptempo blaster "Knock Knock" and an intergalactic version of Bruno Mar's timeless classic "Locked Out of Heaven"! The upcoming movie ALIEN ROCK, it's related t.v. episodes and comic series are all being beamed aboard our universal -wide satellite information clouds as we speak!

The band's first earthly audio transmissions, in the form of an e.p. named "Landing" was released worldwide in 2013. Produced by Brett Hestla, this powerhouse of instant classics received airplay across the USA & Canada and began infiltrating Europe in early 2014. Audiences continue to be overwhelmed at the extra terrestrial spectacle that abduct their ear-holes during the firestorm of live performances!

Follow each breath taking visitation as the galaxy's most infamous alien rock band of rogue musicians assault the live ComicBook/Cosplay/Fan Conventions and Ginormous outdoor music festivals circuit!


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