Summer Breeze Project

Summer Breeze Project

Progressive Rock and Metal

Gert Bruins – Lead vocals, guitars
Gordon van Pelt – Guitars
Rene Troostheiden – Drums, drum programming & percussion
Fons Panneman – Keyboards, piano, hammond, synths, soundscapes, backing vocals
Rich Huybens – Bassguitars, backing vocals

In the spring of 2008, a number of musicians initiated an intentionally transient Dutch (progressive) rock project for the summer, which they therefore named Summer Breeze Project (SBP). After a few sessions, the musicians experienced that the different musical backgrounds blended very well.

This resulted in their first mini CD “ENERGY”, which was released in March 2009. By reaching this first milestone, the project members started to see themselves as a band and they further shaped and refined their style. The compositions that followed were characterized by an epic structure, complex themes, rhythmic challenges and melodies supported by several voices. Progressive rock music forms the basis, influences of arabic, classical, symphonic and metal styles make the difference. Over time the musicians of SPB grew closer together, both personally and musically.

SBP recorded their first full-fledged album in 2011. “UNUSUAL HORIZONS” contains nine songs that represent the unique and recognizable sound of the band and was digitally distributed by CD Baby and available on iTunes, Amazone, Zune and others.

In 2012 they recorded a tribute-single called “HOLLOW” , to support their sound-engineer Ron Willems, who climbed the Alpe d’ Huez by bike to raise money for the Dutch Cancer Society KWF

Late 2012 Dutch record label FREIA Music was looking for 8 Dutch bands that represent the best of the new generation of progressive rock in the Netherlands. The search for progressive talent in the Netherlands was carried out in close collaboration with the three leading progsites: Background Magazine, iO Pages and ProgWereld.
SBP was selected as one of this 8 bands and recorded a 9 minute track called “CONCRETE“. The album “Dutch Exposure Project” was released on 180 grams wide grooved vinyl together with CD.

In 2013 & 2014 SBP extended their OINK- headquarters with a semi-professional recording studio. In that inspiring environment they thought out a musical triptych called CONTACT. In each part, the songs evolve around that main theme, but viewed from different levels.
Part one deals with contact at the level of the entire universe.
We, as the human race, seek for contact with other life forms, but have been unsuccessful so far. This creates an image of solitude, in which we observe the human race floating in an enormous vacuum.
Part two zooms in and portrays inter human contact and touches upon different types of relationships. Contact between humans on earth is very frequent, what does this inter human contact really mean?
Within our brains there are far more connections, than there are stars in the universe.
Neurons contact through synapses and allow us to think, feel, love and act. In part three, the songs evolve around an event in which this contact is disturbed.

After ten years of musical friendship the band started to record “NEon” (the chemical element with the symbol Ne and atomic number 10).
It was released in the spring of 2019 (6 brand new tracks and a 2019 version of the killersong “HOLLOW“.

During the release of NEon bassplayer Jørgen de Jonge has left the band. He is replaced by RICH HUYBENS (ex Incidence, Sylvium).

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10 Jan

Summer Breeze Project live

KOFA , Vlaardingen (NL)
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11 Jan

Summer Breeze Project live

Theater Bakkerheij, Gouda (NL)
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20 Jan

an evening with SBP

theater Concordia, Haastrecht (NL)
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