Not One of Us

Not One of Us


The Grand Chancellor’s address – February 2017

Dear acolytes,

On this day, the Supreme Council has decided anonymously that the door to darkness will finally be opened. We believe in our hearts that you are now ready to face the winding journey towards true wisdom. We know the past and the future, and it is all linked together. As part of the present, the time that has passed, and the time that is yet to come, the rites chiseled out by the Order throughout eternity are your one true guide to salvation. The Order serves a higher purpose, which will remain in the shadows until you are ready. Even if you are not one of us, you may still heed the teachings of the dark. Our apostle, Master C.S., will provide you with the voice of the Order through the most delicate of all art forms; music. He will present to you a picture of the world around you and its true nature. This is the will of The Order.

Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude towards to the people who has served The Order and contributed to the musical works now presented to you at the "Discarded Evidence" EP; Master Christian Svedin, Master Roger Sjunnesson, Master William Gustafsson, Master Roland Johansson, Master Pontus Hjelm and Master Joakim Strandberg Nilsson. The Order tanks you for your excellent service.

Not One of Us - Discarded Evidence EP, out February 17th via all digital channels.

01. Rebellion in Nightmareland feat. William Gustafsson
02. Heart of Eve feat. William Gustafsson
03. Freeman feat. Roland Johansson

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by: Christian Svedin Productions -

The truth will out.

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The Supreme Council of The Order and members of Not One of Us:
- The Baroness, The Grand Chancellor
- The Baron, Lord keeper
- The Lord, The Grand Architect

Master C.S., Apostle of The Order

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