Fallen From Skies

Fallen From Skies

Alternative Rock and Metal

Brutal riffs, groove crushing breakdowns, a piercing voice and shattered screams that truly express the message of the band, the painful path of hunting a dream and the decisions that you have to take to change your reality, these are the ingredients that make Fallen From Skies that contains the power and melody of the Metal-Core and the stunning riffs from the 90’s.

Formed by Gino Bianchi (vocal-guitar), they will fall from the skies to show you that there is more than meets the eye

Actually formed by:
Gino Bianchi (Uruguay) - Vocals/Guitars.
Gabo Perdomo (Venezuela) - Guitars
Max Zuccarino (Argentina) - Bass.
Leo Carrero (Venezuela) - Drums

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No upcoming Live Shows
28 Jul

Fallen From Skies - Dethdealers

Rock & Burguers, Puebla (SA)
More info / Tickets Link
21 Jul

Fallen From Skies

La Mansion, Queretaro (SA)
More info / Tickets Link
02 Jun

Verano Encabronado - Day 2

Tony El Gordo, Mexico City (SA)
More info / Tickets Link
31 May

Fallen From Skies - Kaizan - Driven

Caradura, Mexico City (SA)
More info / Tickets Link
06 May

Hell & Heaven Festival - After Party

HDK, Mexico City (SA)
More info / Tickets Link
02 May

William Lawson Night

Caradura, Mexico City (SA)
More info / Tickets Link
- Visit our website at http://http:\\fallenfromskies.com
- Get in Touch with us via http://contact@fallenfromskies.com
- Visit our webshop at http://http:\\fallenfromskies.com

iTunes: http://apple.co/25yASlD
Apple Music: http://apple.co/21UG6DF
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1SKw8T6
Google Music: http://bit.ly/25PpDFz

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