Alternative Rock and Metal

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, trailblazing Gothic Metal rockers ASRAI are truly proud to announce a return to their origins as an all female band.

Considered by many fans and press as the dark fairy gothmothers of the scene; ASRAI have never even once considered compromise in their creative endeavors to explore the bleakest, darkest recesses of the human psyche.

Their unique brand of melancholic music pierces deep into the soul like an obsidian dagger. Whilst thunderous drums and spitting riffs split your atoms to the very core, soaring vocals and keyboards lift your spirits once again.

Following three decades of successful live shows in both Europe and Mexico.


•The blue tape
•So clear that you couldn’t tell where the water ended and the air began
•Love is a lie
•Live in a package

•As voices speak (1997)
•Touch in the dark (2004)
•Pearls in dirt (2007)
•Hourglass (2017)

•Between dreams and destiny (2013)

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