Golden Axe Attack

Golden Axe Attack

Progressive Rock and Metal

Golden Axe Attack is thrilled to announce the release of the debut album “Troubadour” now available on ITunes, Spotify, Tidal and all other major outlets.

They are currently promoting their new single “Return of the Golden Axe”. The song takes you on a journey on what may happen when a natural disaster tries to destroy earth with the only rescue is the “Golden Axe” .

Golden Axe Attack is a three-piece band with music that can be described as progressive and innovative guitar driven instrumental rock. The music is seriously powerful, yet cerebral. Drawing from varied influences, the result is a powerful amalgamation of rock, heavy metal, eastern music and blues.

The band is led by Arnie Miot on guitar. His virtuoustic guitar playing is on a level that few other guitar players will ever attain. His sound is instantly recognizable for it’s unique voice, gut wrenching phrases and stunning chops.

Arnie is joined by music impressio Doug Grama on bass guitar. Doug’s bass playing creates a harmonic interplay that introduces a progressive new sound that will be setting new trends for years to come.

When emotions run deep and words alone cannot express feelings, music must speak to you universally in its very own essence. Golden Axe Attack captures the unique way of communicating their music to the audience.

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Golden Axe Attack Live at Gussy's Astoria

Gussy's, Astoria, NY (US)
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