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Turn Down

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Harold Galvan - Vocals, Guitar and Bass (You Won't Break Me, Tainted and Broken - Features Steve Glasford on Vocals) The bone-crunching guitar-riffs and heavy grooves in the writing, music & sound of Turn Down can all be traced back to the innovative ideas and creativity of artist H.Galvan. With an impressive 30+ years of experience playing guitar and rocking in bands Black Rain and Rusted Stone – Galvan decided to take a break from music for family time before coming back to challenge himself to recreate his career in an all-new direction in Turn Down.
Drawing on the intense experience gathered throughout his time in bands, playing live and opening for well-known names like Fuel, Buckcherry, Black Stone Cherry, Saliva, and Great White, and unearthing ideas he’s had throughout his career – the new music he’s making in Turn Down has allowed Galvan to completely explore his own instincts and expression in entirely different ways. With a distinct hard-rock/alternative rumble and grind – Galvan is now at the helm of the controls, Producing and finding his own destiny as a musician.
With the current single “Tainted” already ripping up the charts and making a memorable impact on listeners worldwide – the support for Turn Down has inspired Galvan to continue the adventure at full-speed. Currently recording, writing and jamming extreme amounts of wild new material from the comfort of his own studio – the ability to create daily has Turn Down turning UP and passionately pushing out rock with real attitude, meaty riffs and genuine rhythms you can feel. With the help of Bassist Jesse Charland of Hoobastank on (Tainted and Broken), and the drumming of Luke Middleton on (Tainted and Broken).Plans for a full-album are well underway and that next chapter in Galvan’s career is sounding better than ever – Turn Down has all the raw, gritty and innovative riffs & emotion that give true life to the heartbeat of rock; it sounds authentic…because it’s as real as it gets.

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