Alternative Rock and Metal

Nikol is an alternative rock band out of Raleigh, NC - similar to the sounds of Evanescence, early Paramore and Flyleaf. After a successful nationwide radio campaign, the band's first full-length album, "Bittersweet", landed them 13 licensing offers for shows such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Real World, etc. Nikol returned to the studio to record a 5 song EP, "White Lies", with Drew Fulk and Kile O’Dell (Upon A Burning Body, Motionless in White, Crown the Empire, etc.). "Bittersweet" and "White Lies" are both available now on iTunes, etc. Presently, Nikol is working with Dan Korneff (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Pierce The Veil, etc.) for their upcoming release.

They are three-time nominees of the Carolina Music Awards, and have won the title for Female Rock! Nikol played at SXSW four times, Vans Warped Tour two separate years, and The Inkcarceration Festival this past Summer!

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Check Nikol out for yourself on Spotify, on the 'Nikol' Pandora station (don't forget to give your favorite songs a thumbs up!!), their YouTube channel, Facebook Twitter, all the social media platforms!
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