Symphonic Metal

When you listen to music, how do you experience it? Do you listen to it in the darkness, and let it take control of your emotions? Does it bring to life another world? With Homerik, your only limit is your imagination.

Inspired by world and classical genres, and various styles of Metal, Homerik seeks to amaze audiences with large-scale productions and interactive performances with the term Epic Cinematic Metal. With influences from Norse culture, Egypt, Spain, Eastern Asia and many more countries around the world, their music is approachable by all listeners whether they are devout fans of the Metal genre or not.

Think of this like your very own private movie soundtrack to the worlds of adventure that exist only in the very depths of your mind.

We'll meet you there.

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We work hard to bring you excellent music and thought-provoking stories. Sign up to embark on this journey with us and stay up to date with all that Homerik has to offer. Please scroll to the bottom of our Press page to access our contact form.

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