Heir Apparent

Founded in 1984, Heir Apparent issued a pair of groundbreaking albums between 1986 and 1989. The music of this Seattle-based band spans a range from progressive speed metal to acoustic-driven power ballads, fused with melodic and intelligent lyrical themes, and respected for their intense and emotive live performances. In 2015, the original musicians of guitarist Terry Gorle, bassist Derek Peace, and drummer Ray Schwartz, were joined by vocalist Will Shaw and keyboardist Op Sakiya for additional European festivals in Italy, Greece, and Germany through 2016. A third studio album with this new lineup was released in October 2018, “The View From Below” on No Remorse Records, Greece. Heir Apparent returned to Europe in 2019 for the Rock Hard Festival in June and a headlining slot Saturday July 27 at Headbangers Open Air in Germany. Reviews for the new album, “The View From Below”, have been overwhelming, with several sources proclaiming it as a top album of the year for 2018. The band anxiously looks forward to everything that follows… Their debut effort, 1986’s Graceful Inheritance (featuring singer Paul Davidson, guitarist Terry Gorle, bassist Derek Peace, and drummer Ray Schwartz) remains the highest rated album in the history of Germany’s ROCK HARD magazine, rated at 49 of 50 points by the 5-man editorial staff when released in January of 1986 on Black Dragon Records of Paris, France.. Critically acclaimed by collectors and a very dedicated fan base, the catalog of Heir Apparent recordings and concert videos has continued to be reissued by various independent record labels in Europe over the past 30 years.


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Progressive Rock and Metal