Kyrbgrinder hail from London, UK. They’re a hard rocking trio with a unique style of metal. At the nucleus is front-man Johanne James – Drums & Lead vocals, supported by Ben Glover – Guitar and Dave Lugay – Bass. In essence the Kyrbgrinder sound is a melting pot of each member’s influences, blended with the lyrics of Johanne James. But beware, the influences are wide! Johanne is also the drummer for Threshold, who are considered one of the leading lights of the progressive metal scene. They’ve toured extensively and recorded no less than 10 albums (both studio and live). Johanne James on drums and lead vocals (yes, both at the same time!) has the accolade of being awarded “drummer of the year” five times by the Classic Rock Society. An outstanding drummer in his own right and fronting as a lead vocalist is no mean feat. To quote one journalist: “A drummer this good shouldn’t be able to sing so brilliantly and a brilliant singer definitely shouldn’t be able to drum this well – to do both is world class! Try rubbing your belly and patting your head … then do Riverdance with your feet and you’ll get the idea!”. The standard of the band’s musicianship in combination with finely crafted songs plus a front-man with the stage presence that reaches far beyond the kit makes for some blistering live performances. Kyrbgrinder have released three studio albums, “Defiance”(2006), “Cold War Technology” (2010) and “Chronicles of a Dark Machine” (2015). The last two are produced by Threshold’s Karl Groom at Thin Ice Studios.

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Alternative Rock and Metal