The Unguided

The ”Brotherhood” EP initiates a complete new chapter in The Unguided universe and paves way for the upcoming trilogy of albums. Not only is it a new beginning of the band with the addition of the very gifted vocalist/guitarists Jonathan Thorpenberg, who will take over the heavy and crucial crown of Roland Johansson. But it also continues the story that’s been the pivot of which the lyrics and illustrations have orbited around since formation of the band. The 2 brand new compositions; “Nighttaker” and “Daybreaker”, was the first songwriting initiative after the reformation and we’ll always try our best to honor our past legacy whilst keeping our minds wide open in regards to all the excellent musicianship that exist within the boundaries of this band. We love all our 7 brothers that have ever been involved in this band, and everything they brought to the table. It all made The Unguided as great as it is today. “Brotherhood” is a huge homage to their hard work which will never be forgotten! You’ll always be one of us.

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