By johanne James

05 August 2019 by Johanne James

Hi there readers and hope you are well?

Then let me begin.

Remakes. How many times have we seen a remake? Or a remake of a remake? Wasn't the original good enough? No, they had to make it better, or so they thought. Star Wars. King Kong. Dracula. Godzilla. Star Trek. Anyway, the list is endless. You have to ask the question, have filmmakers run out of ideas? No, they haven't. They just want bums on seats, so they revert to a formula that is almost sure to bring the audiences in. Either that or they cash in on a franchise like Alien or Predator or Avengers or X Men. And there are spin offs like Son Of Predator and Aliens Return Because They Can't Find Their Way Back To Planet Alien? Anyway, you get my drift.

I'm looking forward to John Wick 4 as 3 was a bit of a disappointment, but not to worry. You know something, John Wick is a mass murderer and there are never any police around? Tell you what, if John Wick were a Yardie they'd get him and place him in the electric chair, ASAP! But that's another column. I wonder whom the casting director would get to play him if they made a remake of JW? Kim Kardasian? Good choice, or maybe not. How about Morgan Freeman? No? Okay. I have a few other suggestions, but I fear they'll also be rejected. Has there been a remake of Citizen Kane? That would be interesting. Or Gone With The Wind? Here's an idea, why not put the film you would like to see remade and will be chosen by how many people chose the same film. Answers on a postcard please to Idon'

I think the industry has been saturated with remakes and you only need to pick the best version of your favourite film or TV show and then compare it with the original. There will soon come a time when Netflix will be the only company making original programmes, that will more than likely need remade by another somewhere along the line. It only leaves for me to say you’re better off staying at home reading a book as it seems all the movies have been made. Twice.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James



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