By Johanne James

29 February 2016 by Johanne James

Hello again my friends.

Today's topic is THE BUCKET LIST.

Yes, things to do before you take the dirt nap, the big sleep, meet your maker, I could go on. Needless to say that your agenda speeds up if and when you discover that you only have a few months to live. These things should be done anyway and not wait for tragedy to awaken you. I guess life gets in the way of living, and we do all live, but are we alive? Most of us spend our time doing something we don't enjoy and therefore it becomes a chore. Find a job you love and you never have to work again. What would I have on my bucket list? Well, I am already doing something I truly enjoy, playing and collecting drums and traveling. I have been to places I didn't know existed and could never spell and I get paid for it. I have been to some of the most beautiful places and met wonderful people, what more could I ask for? I love making furniture out of old wooden pallets, standing back and looking at what I have created gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I have no desire to climb a mountain as I'm afraid of heights and I don't like the cold, but I would love to travel the universe and see what other life forms are out there, but that is unrealistic expectation. I best keep my feet on planet earth for the time being anyway, I suppose the moon is a lot closer, so here I come. I do envy those who have walked on another world or gone into space as it has changed their whole perspective and when you are that far from home, many things become insignificant. What would you do? I know that I am lucky enough to be doing it, I could only ask for more of the same, oh and more money too, but that's another subject already discussed. LOL.

May I suggest that you do a lot of living, as you are a long time dead! Create your own bucket list, for the worst has already happened. Enjoy what time there is left, for I myself have more past than future.

Thanks for listening.

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