By Johanne James

23 December 2016 by Johanne James

Hi there all!

Let us look back on 2016.
I know that all of you out there will have your own adventures to reflect on, but here are some of mine. Many of us can drift through the years and then wonder where they went. Wow, doesn't time fly and the next thing you know they are putting you in a box and reading your obituary. Oh, what a lovely man he was. Was he? I thought he was a bit of a ???? myself, but let’s not go there. 2016 had its moments for me, its highs and lows and therefore I try to live each day as it was my last. I did some memorable shows with Threshold and Kyrbgrinder, for those are the moments I live for and treasure most. I have lost a few friends to a deadly disease beginning with the letter C, and I now, as we all should, wonder about my own mortality. Most of all I got a year older which was reflected on my last birthday card, but in saying that it's said that you’re as old as the woman you feel. Age undisclosed. Oops, was that too much information or am I being sexist or a misogynist? I hope not! Most of all it was a year of trying to be a grounded, well-balanced, kind, loving, giving, thoughtful, understanding, creative and generous human being. Spending time with those who are dear to me, mainly my snare drums! In truth, all we do is related to someone else and the most precious commodity we have is the time we give to others. I did as much of this as I could in 2016. It isn't all about excitement really, but sometimes it's when I can be still and not feel that I have to cram a lifetime into one hour, or twenty-four if you get my drift? I can be lazy and not feel guilty about doing nothing! I have met some wonderful people whom I am elated to have played a small part of my existence this year and hope they will be around for many more years to come. Much has been learned about my interaction with my favoured instrument, and much has been forgotten. What do I want for next year? More of the same, to learn, to grow, to live and make peace with my soul and not live in fear. Fear of what someone might say or do. Fear of what may or may not happen. I cannot change what does not yet exist! How many of you out there make new year’s resolutions? My question is, why wait? Now is the time, for this time will not come again. I will continue to do what I do best and that's breathing. For without it, you all know what the consequences are. I hope?

Happy holidays to you all and all the best for the coming 2017.

Johanne James

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