18 August 2018 by HBLS team


Nergal of Behemoth [guitar & throat]

HeadBangers LifeStyle's Lilo met up with Nergal, [guitar & throat] of the Polish extreme, black metal band Behemoth, in the backstage area [sports hall] of Alcatraz Festival 2018 [Kortrijk, BE], before their show. 

If you want to know more about the new studio CD `I Loved You At Your Darkest' [release date: October 5th 2018], the new video clip for the track ,,God=Dog'', Nergal's thoughts about festivals, old school metal and what gives him an adrenaline rush on stage, then keep on watching.

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Lilo wears Hyraw Clothing

Thanks to DCH Photography


Photos by Dirk van den Heuvel of DCH Photography