Frontiers Records srl

City of Thieves is another band on the Frontiers label delivering melodic and metal monthly. Never a dull moment, and with City of Thieves they stay true to their classic melodic rock catalogue.
The band hails from England and is brought to us by Little Angels’ Toby Jepson, immediately categorizing the band per se. Hammond organ present, organic melodic hard rocking sound and hard-hitting drums. Vocals much like Ricky Warwick [Black Star Riders, The Almighty] also in line with the traditional English roaring rock sound. Lyrics not too pretentious the band has a roots rock and party approach, perfectly matching the highly energetic melodies and powerful rock chords. Occasionally the Thieves draw the blues card and inject it with a gritty and dirty power rock sound, like on ,,Incinerator” packing power and panache, or the feel good ,,Born To be Great”. There’s more than enough to enjoy; ,,Animal” with its powerful and captivating thrive and melody, the stop-motion ,,Right To Silence”, or the full frontal ,,Give It Away”. ,,Something Of Nothing” is melodic crafted and stands out with a great melodic chorus. The production is in line with the overall feel of the album; powerful and melodic; gritty and dirty. Jepson producing with mixing guidance of Mike Fraser, they’re capturing the energy and attitude perfectly, guiding City of Thieves towards the English festival stages. A solid release and introduction.


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