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Hailing from Minneapolis, Rogue Royal is one of the Nu breed metal bands stirring up the radio waves. Blending heavy grooves with modern alternative elements, highly memorable melodies and hooks underneath their introspective loaded lyricism, the band potentially expands their songs to suite a wide audience. Modern and heavy rocking forward `Different Dimensions’ is a raw grenade exploding with great momentum and ferocious power. 


`Different Dimensions’ epitomizes a bold exploration of contemporary metal in its broadest form. The band’s creativity shines through, manifesting in a raw and unrestrained delivery. Thought-provoking lyrics add depth to the tumultuous sonic landscape, while the infectious hooks and melodies leave an enduring impression. Spanning a spectrum from gentle to intense, the album traverses diverse sonic territories. 

At the heart of the music are the band’s intricate harmonies, showcased through dynamic vocal exchanges between lead guitarist Monny Ray, bassist Kyle Rutten, and vocalist/guitarist Clay Peters. Anchored by a robust groove, courtesy of Collin Gibbs on drums, Rogue Royal establishes a formidable foundation to build their music on. The synergy is remarkable, fusing southern grit with contemporary nuances and nods to the grunge era. ,,Assassin” bursts into action with dynamic drumming, blistering riffs, and infectious themes, soaring into piercing heights complemented by Peters’ distinctive vocals. A psychedelic interlude conjures echoes of Alice in Chains, weaving hypnotic harmonies and anguished melodies before catapulting into oblivion amidst searing guitars. The mayhem is extraordinary. 


With ,,Fire”, Rogue Royale charges forward with infectious energy, propelled by an irresistible groove and swirling guitars that encapsulate the spirit of present metal. Peters’ vocals take on a new dimension, evoking roaring shades of Hetfield while infusing the performance with raw soul and swagger. Amidst thunderous low-end bass lines and relentless riffing, guitar hooks and melodies soar, culminating in a magnificent blend of melody and heavy swagger. Reminiscent of a collision between Metallica and Alter Bridge the song reveals its variety while nesting instantly. These elements resurface on ,,Novocaine,” infused with ominous bass growls and pounding drums that seamlessly intertwine with the guitar themes. The shadowy gloom returns on the melancholic ,,December”, characterized by droning lows, thunderous riffs, and haunting melodies. Peters’ vocals exude a chilling aura, adding to the icy cold atmosphere, while harmonized sections provide moments of introspection and reflection. Cool!

Expanding their repertoire of intricate melodies and dark moods, the band delves extremely deep on ,,Diseased”, infusing grunge tones with dramatic hooks in its bridge before unleashing its powerful chorus. Anger-fuelled vocals resonate with brutal intensity amidst Gibbs’ menacing drums and Monny and Peters’ slaying guitars, conveying the agonizing content with raw power.


Shifting gears to a more melodic and gentler blend of southern and modern rock with poppy elements, ,,Whiskey” showcases the band’s creativity and versatility as composers. Despite deviating from their benchmark heaviness, the song remains highly memorable and emotionally resonant, forging a strong connection with the listener. It lands immediately, it lands deep. 

,,Fly from Here” amalgamates these diverse ingredients with the band’s signature swagger, featuring funky plucked bass lines beneath towering melodies and the song’s dynamic chorus. It contrasts with ,,Other Side”, that delivers a much heavier punch while maintaining its moaning melodies and emotive vocals. Complemented by the solid harmonized interplay and a catchy hook that lingers hauntingly, the song resonates. Rattling your backbone, it hauls with great and intense power.

The standout track ,,Chains”, showcases the band’s progressive prowess with its intricate structure and urgent vocal delivery. Jagged guitar motions lead into grandiose bridges and Monny’s scorching solos, while wailing guitar tones add depth to the sonic landscape. The song explodes with vibrant energy, encapsulating the band’s signature alternation of drum and guitar interplay, with Peters delivering a cathartic release of brutal agony. Dramatic and fierce it presses its musical discharge. 

Closing the album on a triumphant note, ,,Now or Never” captivates with its glorious harmonies and acoustic interludes, building anticipation for the powerful chorus. The band’s evocative lyricism takes center stage, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.


Moaning the last song out of mediocrity, ,,Goodbye” is retaining the explosiveness of Rogue Royal, only to gradually pick up momentum with wonderful parading elements and potent melodies and stride. It’s a juggernaut of contemporary rock. Gelling with the modern-day elements pitching it high. 

`Different Dimension’ has a split in the middle where ,,Whiskey” exposes an entirely different face of the band without going astray. It all fluently meanders into the second chop of tracks that are leaning heavier on the melodies and discharge differently. With these diverse range of styles explored, Rogue Royal proves to be a multifaceted musical entity, offering a wealth of experiences for those willing to immerse themselves. The amalgamation of heavier musical styles is executed with finesse, resulting in a grandiose shift in momentum that leaves a lasting impact.

Release date: 12 March 2024



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