Exclusive Interview | Martin Lopez – Drummer Soen

Sometimes things just pan out in the most unexpected and remarkable way possible. Little belated, Martin Lopez, drummer of Soen checks in to chat with us about their brand-new banger album `Memorial’ which I recently dubbed ‘best progressive record of the decade’, a term he is proud of reading. 

Funny, as Martin mentions he is dialing in from his daughter’s room with ‘the best internet possible’, requesting not to use the footage for airing the video-chat, being very much aware of his status as a heavy metal drummer and “the mystique around the band”. These remarks mark common ground as yours truly relies to the fact of the princess’s rooms having the best internet connection, and certainly most stuffed animals (and stuffed Taco’s) at hand. We have a laugh and share stories, especially how fatherhood affects the heart of a metalhead. Fun especially, as it will make up for lost time of the session before running late with Martin admitting he is tired. How I can make this a good conversation? “Make it like hanging with a friend”, he says. I try… Steer away from the obvious, make room for the personality he is, it is exactly what is needed and the interview enrolls pleasantly.