Interview | Geoff Tate

Jeffrey Wayne Tate, who of course rose to metal stardom with Queensrÿche is still a force to reckon with; especially the `Operation: Mindcrime’ album (1988) and `Empire’ album (1990) were commercially successful – over twenty million sold – and the music on those albums is still some of the best prog metal ever recorded. In 2012 Geoff Tate was supposedly “fired” by QR and he renamed his band to Operation Mindcrime in 2015, releasing three albums with that band. Geoff Tate also released two solo albums – `Geoff Tate’ in 2002 and `Kings & Thieves’ in 2012. Furthermore, Geoff Tate also sang on the two Sweet Oblivion albums `Sweet Oblivion’ (2019) and `Relentless’ (2021) and of course Tate is also known as a wine enthusiast and he, together with his wife Susan, even launched his own brand of wine called Insania. So, enough to talk about, so without further ado here we go….