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27 August 2017 by Femke Fatale

Another weekend, another festival!

This time Gothic Dark Wave Festival in the Tilloloy Castle in France!
The second time I had to announce dark wave-EBM bands! It was (again) a lot of fun to discover bands in a scene I am totally not familiar with! It was a wonderful location, a forest, a big beautiful old chapel and a huge castle. Impressive... Goddamn! Unfortunately the festival had some bad press due to an internal dispute with an ex co-organizer and the fest was boycotted by that person! Very sad! Before the fest many bands cancelled, press wrote bad articles about it and more:(
I decided to still go, as when I say I will be there, I will be there! I was the presenter so I am less easy to replace! Well I hope I am ahha:)
I had a good time with one of my best and oldest friends Lins, so happy she came along to keep me company. She is one of the most genuine girls around, what you see is what you get! No hidden agenda, no bullshit! That's why I love her! There were not many people at the event, but still I did my best, tried to keep everyone positive and keep them smiling! I never take myself too seriously, I make jokes all the time, I also make mistakes some times and it’s all good:) I am human, so I think this might be my strong thing as a hostess. I just laugh it off! 

I felt really bad for the organizer
I have been through something like this as well with my ex best friend. We had a fight and she decided to talk shit about me to everyone (in Belgium, America, all over the world, as we had loads of international friends), got people to post statuses on MySpace about how big a bitch I am (yes it's been a while, then Facebook did not exist) and messaged people about me with lies! I lost so many 'friends'! It was a horrible time for me, I stayed at home a lot, and I didn't go to shows anymore, which was my favourite thing to do. I was hiding out waiting for it to blow over. It was an awful time in my life! I even didn’t want to be on social media anymore, as almost daily I got messages from people asking me why I did this or said that about them, which I didn’t but she said I did! I felt like I was in high school! I kept low and let it pass, as hard as it was! After years some of those people apologized and shit for believing her and not supporting me! I forgave but I never forget! Some of my real friends ditched me, people who knew a 100% how I am .. very painful. It lasted for years! And I guess it made me stronger, it helped me shaped the woman I am today. 

Only this time, in case of the festival, it is not just an emotional struggle but also financially!
The organizer has lost so much money. I don’t think anyone deserves this, I wonder if that woman can still sleep, thinking what she has caused. These are the kind of things that can drive someone to commit suicide. How can someone do this to another person, there are other ways to solve a dispute, besides ruining someone's life. She messed with someone's entire being and life. Horrible! I hope karma will do its job... I strongly believe in it! Karma has no deadline (Oli Syles sings this perfectly), it can happen soon but also later but karma will do its job. That's why I do good things, try to stay positive and send out positive vibes! Cuz what goes around comes around

As I said before, I discovered some good bands there!
My faves were Diary of Dreams! The singer, Adrian, a very nice guy, we had fun conversations and you know what.. this guy has the coolest dogs.. like really! Whoaaa! I had to take pix with them, Charlie and Pepper, the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen! And so nice and sweet!!!! They are very big but never come across as dangerous! When you come closer they run to you but in a sweet 'hello' way! I wish I had dognapped them hahah! Another wicked band is Rabia Sorda from Mexico/Germany! Great guys, kickass energetic live show, amaaazzing voice, approved by Lins and I. It was the only set we watched completely. So this means a lot heheh. We are going to go see them in Brussels in October. You guys should all come as well! It is going to be well wicked! Believe me! 

Up next is the City Parade with Ink Mania & Formule 1 in Spa Francorchamps!
Team Lewis Hamilton!!!

XXX Femke

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