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10 September 2017 by Femke Fatale

UFC.... MMA fighting... my new favourite sport! I have seen it before, but this time I saw high level MMA... WTF.. this was insane.

I worked for Monster Energy NL at the UFC Rotterdam event in Ahoy.
We had a big booth there with a boxing ball (guys went mental on that ball, nearly wrecking the machine haha crazy shit.. I enjoyed watching them almost as much as the fights.) We also had 2 Monster Girls so the visitors could pose for photos with them and MMA video game. Fun times, damn how I love the Dutch team! Bunch of crazy mofo's. Only love for those dudes. They had a competition, the winners got the Monster Energy UFC Experience. I could be the Monster Energy taxi driver for them, picking them up in style! Hehe! They were so impressed and happy.. bad ass! Makes you feel good to make winners so glad!

It was all filmed for the little after video so you can all see what happened there. But my highlights sure had to be the fights! Blood, open cuts, blue eyes… this shit is real!!! I mean... so real! We watched up close, you could smell the blood, hear the punches on bare skin! Auchhhh! Some guys got totally beaten up.. fuckkkk! I wonder why someone wants to be a MMA fighter, I mean… you got to have a lot of anger in you or be your own worst enemy, a self destructive mind. I don’t know! To be honest, I would love to have a talk with a pro MMA fighter and find out. Cuz this is fu%{**}+} painful, this is the real shit. I'd pee my pants... I wouldn't make it through the first round… seriously! I'd avoid fights, just keep running away from my opponent! I am very impressed by these guys, and girls, yes also some girl fights. They are maybe even crazier! Really! One advice... go and see a MMA fight in real life!! It is not the same as on screen, believe me... this is soooooo worth the money! I heard it is quite expensive to have good spots but do it.. seriously.. don’t think about the money.. just go for it!

On Monday I went to 'De Buurtpolitie'.
It is some kind of played/reality show about a police corps! I am so not an actor ehhe but I enjoy doing this once in a while. I will not tell you what role I had, just wait till the episode is on TV! I can say I did things I’d never do ahha! I had the best time! And acting with actors who play police, it is scary!!! No shit.. I felt like I was in real situations! Like even when cops pass me I’m scared even though I am not doing anything wrong ahhahaha! Don’t laugh... it is true ahhaha! Police.... brrr! Ahhaha.

XXX Femke

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