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01 October 2017 by Femke Fatale

I am backkk! Been out for a bit! Problems with my health!

Every time I worked, even a few days, afterwards I slept for days!
Not really normal right?! I was tired as fuck! So in September I took some time off! Rested well, started working again with Monster and after the workweek I was dead! Had to cancel 2 jobs due to that:( it sucks when I have to do it! As my job is my passion, my life:( I felt even worse after not going to those 2 events! So sorry for those who I let down! I went to hospital for tests etc., all seemed to be good, so it was diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome! No matter what you do, you get tired easily!

(Photo by Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau)

I am happy I know now.
Because I was always amazed by how fast I get tired and exhausted! Sometimes I worked a weekend. Not busy, good night sleeps and still I felt like I worked non-stop! It was so annoying and especially if you want to make your passion work! All the jobs I get are so cool so I want to do them all but I guess my body doesn’t feel the same as my heart:( unfortunately!!!
Now I have to take more & better care of my body! I will work but make sure to take rest days and stuff! Not to accept too much, and accept my body as it is! Which frustrates me as well but I can't do anything about this! It is what it is!!! So now you know why I went ghost for a while...
It is a hard disease because it took ages to have this diagnosis! It is hard to figure out.

XXX Femke
Header Photo by Herman Vercammen 

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