Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt73

08 October 2017 by Femke Fatale

Back on track! Busy week with Monster Energy! We are sampling students this week so early morning shifts (except for Saturday and Sunday)!

Waking up at 5 am! Danggg!
Not my cup of tea! Good thing is, we are done by 11-12 so I am home by 1 and chilling!! As my body really needs it. I love my work and my colleagues! Every day has been a fun one, bless my life!
My best and coolest day was Sunday! We had a fun sampling at the Game Force show, giving the exclusive Assasin's Creed cans to the gamers there! Some were dressed up. I love it, that passion... I kind of felt like I was in The Big Bang Theory show hahaha! Sheldon alerts ahha! After that we went to the Papa Roach show to deliver the band some Monster and do an exit sampling! I must admit I lovedddd Papa Roach in the 2000 years, `Infest’ ... what an album... damn! They were never able to top this... but the new album 'Crooked Teeth' whoa!! Badass! My fave songs are ,,Born For Greatness’’, ,,Periscope’’, ,,Sunrise Trailer Park’’ and ,,None Of The Above’’. I am back into Papa Roach! Not that they were bad last few albums but I just didn’t get into their newer stuff! A few songs I dig but it never quite matched `Infest’! But now... in love with the new album! I have been playing it all through the week while sampling! The show was also badass! Willie, my friend which I met through Monster at the Anthrax show, yes he always seems to work for Monster bands hahah, gave us AAA! We saw the video shooting of ,,Traumatic’’, saw Jacoby ironing while dancing/singing, hung out, drank a beer or 3 (not me though, I was the designated Monster Truck driver).

We were home at 3 am, ahha auch
I slept 2 hours and left for another early Monster shift! After that shift I slept for 14 hours hahaha. BUT I missed the Machine Gun Kelly show;( so bummed!!!!!!!! Argh!! But I guess my body needed rest. I cannot ignore this anymore! Your body is your temple; you only have one so you got to take gooooood care of it!!!!

Next up hosting the Mons Tattoo Convention & Avelgem Hard Rock Fest VII! Bring it onnnn!!!!!

XXX Femke

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