Diary Of A Tatoo Model-pt74

15 October 2017 by Femke Fatale

Another busy week for me! I have been sampling with Monster Energy all week! Ever since my precious blog! I had a great time driving the truck or being co-pilot on the road all over Belgium. Unfortunately every shift was an early shift ahah! My alarm was set for 5.00 in the morning! Auch! I did get home quite early so I worked out and then went to bed, Netflixed and slept quite early! It is weird to change your whole routine like that! But as it is very tiring, the re-routine became easier and easier ahha!

On Friday and Saturday I hosted Hard Rock Fest Avelgem.
Friday was all about the black metal... so it was called 'Black Friday'! I went to the ladies backstage bathroom and it was full of black make-up ahahha and longhaired men! That's how you know you are at a black metal festival ahah! Honestly I am not into black metal but this music is rad... The performance, the clothes, the make-up! DAMN!!! Very intriguing! The music isn’t my thing but for one evening, I enjoyed it! Mayhem's show was .. damn... creepy and cool!! All dark, misty,... like you are in a dark mass! And the audience was badass too! I love metal fans, always so respectful and passionate!! Bless them!

On Saturday it was tribute night!
My favourite cover band is Bizkit Park! Belgian guys in tracksuits (like Fred Durst in Rolling haha) and they sing Nu Metal hits; Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park (R.I.P. Chester), P.O.D.,... partyyy! I must admit.. the late 90s, early 2000 ... I loved that time! I was a real Nu Metal chick! Ahhaha I saw so many live shows, etc.! The cool thing is, now, like more than a decade later I met all my favourite Nu Metal bands, except for Linkin Park:( which will never happen again, sad! Last Nu metal band from those days was Papa Roach (see my previous blog).

On Sunday I went to
Mons Tattoo Convention and hosted the show there!
First edition, WOW, it was a huge success! More than 5000 people during the weekend (I went only Sunday, as on Saturday I went to a friend's wedding and hosted Hard Rock Fest in the evening). Incredible! Well-organised, great atmosphere! Nice! And thanks to Kris for being my partner in crime. My La Machine Infernale crew was there too!!! So happy to be part of this talented bunch of amazing people. Yeah! Sometimes people ask me why I am single, haha weird change of subject I know, but I met this guy at the end of the convention. He said we are Facebook friends. I don't mind talking to guys but this was weird! He was pushing me to go out with him; he wanted me to join him for dinner! I said 'no, I’m tired and I want to go home and see my cats' and he kept asking, saying 'I’m sure you are hungry, I want to show you Mons'. I kept saying no, but he didn’t get the message! Annoying! I said my goodbyes and he followed me, I went to my car, he joined, without me asking! He kept asking me out! Creepy!!! I was a bit scared honestly! Argh! I kept saying NOOOO and at my car he asked again and again! I said no I’m going home and closed my car! 

Guys, seriously, get the message! Don’t freak a girl out, if she says no, it is NO!!!!!!
And this is why I am single; I only seem to meet this type of men! Argh.

XXX Femke
Header Photo by @SAMY.be 

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