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12 November 2017 by Femke Fatale

Honestly, I cannot say I am shocked about all the Hollywood commotion; Women being abused by men, mostly men in power!

I always knew this was happening.
Not only in Hollywood but also in sports, music,... it is hard to be a woman in this world! Men still quite rule it! There are so many men in power who use this power to get all the women they can get, when they want, how they want them! They feel like they can, just because they 'can'! I have been confronted with this as well, but I always run! I don't want a career that bad! I mean, I do not care if they do not book me again! I am not afraid of being boycotted because I said no. But then again, that might have been because of my past! I have had a bad experience with a man in my younger years and it made me who I am today! It did destroy a part of me but it made a part of me better, no better is not the word, stronger. This one time it happened I decided never again! As soon as something 'not normal/not ok' happens I am out! As fast as I can! I wasn’t fast enough that once, but never again.

It is sad to know this happens so much in the world
And not only in Hollywood, also in the music scene, daily life,... and it is NOT acceptable! I hope no one has to go through this because it is horrible! Sometimes you even doubt yourself, did I make it happen?! Was I to blame! NOOOO! Hell NO!!! A man is not the boss of a woman! We can say NO and it has to be heard! No is No!!! That is it! It makes me so mad! So mad! Why is sex so important in the world! And money. And power. These things destroy so much! Mankind go crazy over this! And I say 'mankind' because it is not only men! Also women! Don't get it wrong! Men can be abused as well! And animals... aah don't let me get into that or I’m even madder

The world...it isn’t always as pretty as it looks in movies, unfortunately not! We all have our past and traumas! Don’t let this ruin you! Be strong!!!! Talk! A lot of people know what you are going through and you are for sure not alone in this. 
No is no!!!!!!!! Deal with it!

XXX Femke
Header Photo by Dirk `The Pixeleye' Behlau 

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