Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt76

19 November 2017 by Femke Fatale

Stupid or crazy?

Ahha, I am thinking about myself...
Last weekend I worked for Ink Mania at the Brussels Tattoo Convention! I did some promo with the big boss! Always a good time! My bad ass motor friends of the Globe of Death were there again, as every year. I went into the Globe again, while Vesco drove in the Globe around and above me! Crazy? Adventurous or plain stupid? Haha I trust V 2000%, he is a professional! But we are all human, we can all make mistakes! I am someone who loves thrills; daily life is too boring for me, so I seek adventure! Sky diving, motor stunts with Wortel, nothing is too insane! My life is so good I could die now and I would die happy. Sounds weird huh? But it is true. I have done so much I wanted to do! My bucket list is pretty much done! So I need to put more & new things on there. I feel blessed in life. And I want to thank my mom, especially my mom! If she was not so good, patient and open minded with me, I never was going to be able to do this. I do not want to imagine a strict mom & dad... nooii! Wonder what would have happened to me then hahah! A steady job, husband, kids, house, etc! Nooo, ahhahahah.

Still single.
Haha, I don’t think men can handle me! Maybe I am too fatale for them ahahha! Woops! And as I said in one of my previous blogs, I am very pickyyyyy!
I am back at the gym today! Gotta get rid of yesterday’s chocolate bars. LOL. I ate 4, haha you have no limits! I knowww. Shame on me. Today was a workday, went to The Netherlands for Monster Energy, I had to go pick up a game seat, oh yeah! Can’t wait to use it at the office or at a Monster Energy event. During the day I dropped my phone and it died! R.I.P. James! It was so weird to be phoneless, my screen was black with one little long white stripe, haha that was all I saw! Sad day for my Iphone 5! I was out of reach with the whole world, very annoying, as I couldn’t reach my boss. After work I drove to the shop and bought me a new one, Joshua! Yes I name my phones, I am weird I know. Normal is boring. I am so stoked, good camera, going to start making videos for YouTube now! Yesss, I am going to annoy everyone with footage as well now! Sorry not sorry! My Monster colleague Laurens told me to do it, he will do the editing. God bless that sweetie pie! He said I do so much cool stuff and should share it with everyone. True story. Might work, might like it, might as well hate it too. We shall see!

XXX Femke
Header Photo Vincent Lee Fotografie 

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