Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt77

26 November 2017 by Femke Fatale

I am hardly alive at the moment! While I am writing this I am in a hotel room in Luxembourg, after a crazy day of work. I honestly cannot wait to go home and Netflix all day. Cuddle Bonnie & Clyde, sleep all day and work out! Need it! Been eating pasta, pizza burgers, Oreos all day ahhahah!! All week ahhaha! Woops. Anddd sleep in my own bed, it’s always the best spot in the house right?!?! And the best place to sleep!

I am in Luxembourg since this Monday with Monster Energy.
Doing samplings all over the country. It is so much fun, working alongside my bestie Jay Raw. Time flies by here! Laughing all the time, no boring moments here! Day 3 and it feels like the first day! So happy to be able to drive the beautiful Monster truck again. It’s been a while! As she broke down:( but she is backkkkk!
Before Luxembourg I worked at Le Salon Du Tatouage Saint-Brieuc in France, hosting it! Was soooo sublime, convention by day, festival at night!! Agnostic Front played, Madball, Skarhead, Toy Dolls, The Adicts. I met the coolest dudes ever that weekend! The Skarhead guys, gotta love them!!!! I laughed my ass off with them! Hahaha loved hosting the convention as well, my French is getting better & better! Thank God. I get to host so many wicked conventions in France next year, so it’s quite awesome to be getting better at the language of love hehe. At the convention there were some bands playing, during the day! Fell in love with the band The Rocker Covers! Damn!! I don’t necessarily love rockabilly and covers but these UK dudes nailed it!!! They covered Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, Peter André, Prince, Kings of Leon (my favourite song ,,Sex On Fire’’) they cover it and bring it in their own style, with a rockabilly twist! I was blown away!! Everyone should book them!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!! I got their cd’s and damn!!! Can’t stop listening.

I also drove crazy amounts of hours!!
On Wednesday I went to the Charleroi airport, flew to Romania for a day, on Thursday flew back, drove to Eke. That’s where the Monster Energy headquarters are, worked on the road, doing Assassins Creed/Monster can deliveries all day. I worked 5 hours! Driving most of them! After that I went home, packed for France, showered... and drove 8 hours to Saint-Brieuc! On Sunday 8 back, took a, 3-4 hours powernap and left for Luxembourg with Monster hahah, another 4-hour drive.
I made it alive and well! So proud of myself! Think I live on happiness! That’s my fuel:)! Life is good! I feel blessed.


Next week I’m back filming at
La Machine Infernale.
Shooting for Liquor Brand (if the gear gets here in time ehhe) and a radio interview and, and, and.. I thought end November/December was going to be quiet.. guess again!!! But I am very excited!! Another shoot with Dirk Behlau is going to happen in December as well! Love that dude! What a talent!
I know why I am working now haha, broke my iPhone 5 and I bought a new one! The 8! My master card was NOT happy hahaha! But OMG what a phone. It is bad assss!!!! The camera, the size, the quality! Worth the money!!!

XXX Femke

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