Diary Of A Tattoo Model-pt78

03 December 2017 by Femke Fatale

I always wondered how likes work? What makes a person press LIKE ... ? For me it is always tattoos and especially funny cute animal pix and videos!

On my page it is sexy pix!
I post some cool stuff about animals just a few views or like.. Then I post a selfie…. Loads more likes and when there is some skin.. whoaa the world goes crazy (not really haha but as a matter of speech). Mmmm is sex really all that sells?! Really?!
I like to be sexy sometimes but that is not what I am about! I am about my work and animals. That is it! But every lady likes to post a sexy picture now and then! Nothing vulgar, just romantic/sexy! I’d never go totally nude! I wanna keep that for my man [who BTW is still not here?!?! Where are you babe?! I have been patient for years bro. Hurry up mofo ahhaha] I did some hidden parts-nude shots with Benoit Meeus! I only do that when I trust a photographer! Doesn’t happen a lot! I love Benoit! Just did a shoot for Liquorbrand with him and my friend Nicky Van Leeuwe did the makeup. She is incredibly talented! Goddamn! I must admit, and I don’t like to say it ‘I looked badass’ [see my Instagram] I wanna hire her every day!!! I wanna look like that every day but I am a lazy fuck! I do nude makeup nowadays to save time! More time to sleep and also I am not so good at make-up. And I’m too lazy (again) to watch tutorials! It’s usually too much blah blah.

I want stuff to go fast!
I need my beauty sleep! Won’t waste time on that ahhah!
So that shoot was badass! The selfie had loads of likes! Loads of Insta messages! Thanks miss Nicky! Always nice to be liked but honestly I prefer getting the message saying they love what I do for animals and workwise! The best compliment a girl can get! I hate guys being all ‘OMG your so cute! Blah blah’. I want a guy that compliments me but not cheesy or pushy! Sometimes I have some guys interested but all denied by yours truly. :( You girls wouldn’t want them either! One had a girlfriend but denies it even to all my friends who know his girl [WTF]. Other one is a stalker type, who always messages me! [On Insta and if I don’t reply he goes to Facebook etc.. what?!?! Creepy dude! I’ll reply when I can/want.] And the list goes on. Not really boyfriend material! I am not picky! Oh wait I am!!! But not on looks! Tattoos or not! Don’t care but I prefer ink! More nice to look at and read the body ahha! Muscles or not.. don’t care.. I need the chemistry, the vibes! The connections! I get on best with guys! I love guy friends but none are boyfriend material! I have more brother/family vibes with them! Love them to bits but would never dream of kissing them or more. No thanks!!! No sexy vibes there! I need the whole package! I like to flirt but not the nasty sexy dickpix flirt! Respectful! And guys! Don’t forget.. when a girl replies you or talks to you or likes your pix... it doesn’t mean she wants to go to bed with you!!! We’re just nice! On a friendly way! Don’t start being dicks! Just be our friends and if anything more happens good! If not.. let it be dude! Wont happen ;)

Here was my wisdom of the week.
See u next week babes.
XXX Femke

Header Photo by Sabine Pariente Photography

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